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Albaugh’s Seed Treatment Technology is a specialized dedicated business team made up of individuals that have a collective experience of over 105 years in the seed treatment industry. Albaugh’s goal is to combine industry expertise with an expanding portfolio of products to meet customer needs. We are focused and committed to delivering value to the customer.


Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology defines success through the business relationships with our strategic partners. Our core business is focused on delivery of unique and customized offers driven by product performance and value creation. We continue to search for ways to enhance our product portfolio with traditional seed treatment chemistries along with innovative offers in our new biological platform.

Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology will be able to provide you with a seed treatment solution. Whether you’re looking for a single active ingredient to complete a seed treatment offer, a unique customer requested custom blend offer or a unique private label premix the Albaugh Seed Treatment team is here to meet your needs.

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Chris Zita

Director of Seed Treatment Business
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