QuinStar® 4L

Product Description
QUINSTAR® 4L can be used for weed control in dry-seeded and water-seeded rice planting and production cultures, in fallow systems, grasses grown for seed, preplant wheat, preplant and in-crop sorghum, and non-crop areas. QUINSTAR® 4L is formulated as a liquid flowable designed for dilution with water and spraying with common agricultural spray equipment.

Active Ingredient
3.8 lbs/ gal Quinclorac

Package Unit
2×2.5 gal

Labeled Crops
Rice/ Grain Sorghum, Wheat, Fallow

Product Features
Sorghum, wheat, fallow and pasture. Annual grasses & broadleaf weed control in rice

Compare to Active Ingredient In
Facet®; Paramount®