Seed Treatment Business Update

As our seed treatment business continues to grow and evolve we have been approached by several third-party companies to explore partnering with Albaugh,LLC to develop and commercialize new seed treatments for the US market. Being able to develop new seed treatment products has many benefits including creatingmore value for our customers and beingable to differentiate ourselves from our competitors which in turn increases our return on investment. It also allows us to create intellectual property which is critical to long-term growth. Not only are we exploring seed treatment chemistries like we sell today to compliment our portfolio but we would expand into the newest seed treatment segment of biological seed treatment products that could deliver fungicide, insecticide,nematicide activity along with plant health benefits.

This means a change in strategy for our seed treatment business expandingfrom an off-patent business to incorporating development and commercialization opportunities as part of our new strategy. It’s exciting and humblingthat third-party companies are comingto us with new products because they feel we are developing a team of people and a business that they can trust and partner with to deliver new seed treatment solutions for the market. Iwant to be clear that we are not tryingto become a “basic manufacturer” but more of a ‘1hybrid seed treatment company” that cont inues to take advantage of off­ patent actives as part of our core strategy and combines new technology to creates products that deliver value for Albaugh and the market place long-term.

As a critical part of implementing this strategy we need to hiresomeone who can manage the technical development part of our seed treatment business and Iam pleased to announce that we have hired David Long as the newest member of the Albaugh Seed Treatment Team. David has over twenty years of technical experience and ten of those years working as a Technical Crop Manager for Syngenta Seed Care. David has a Master of Science and PH. D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Arkansas. I personally have worked with David and he’s a great guy that brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Albaugh. David currently lives in Olive Branch, MS and will continue to live there. David’s title will be Technical Manager for our seed treatment business and will report directly to Chris. His start date for the company will be Sept 29th,2014.

Please join me in welcoming David to the Albaugh,LLC Team.

Spencer Vance
President – North America