Monsanto Company and Albaugh Reach Licensing Agreement for Glyphosate

(September 15, 2015) Ankeny, Iowa – Monsanto Company and Albaugh, LLC announced today that they have entered into a royalty-beating license agreement that allows Albaugh to make and sell specific glyphosate formulations in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

“For years, Albaugh has been a valued partner in providing crop protection choices that help farmers,” said Mike Frank, Monsanto’s Vice President for Commercial Operations. “These specific formulations offer many benefits to end-use customers, including improved efficacy, storage and handling properties – all important advancements as glyphosate remains the cornerstone of farmers’ diversified weed management programs.”

“We are pleased with this agreement and the opportunity to further strengthen Albaugh’s portfolio of glyphosate product offerings,” said Kurt Pedersen Kaalund, Group CEO of Albaugh. “We will immediately introduce our potassium glyphosate products in the USA and Canada, and initiate the registration process for future introductions in Europe.”

Terms of the agreement were not released.