Albaugh Launches BIOST™ the First Complete Biological Seed Treatment Platform

January 5, 2017, Ankeny, IA. – Albaugh, LLC, a leading provider of crop protection products and seed treatment technology, announced today they are launching a new biological seed treatment platform that includes a broad portfolio of highly effective and proven biological seed treatments. The new BIOST™ biological seed treatment platform will deliver a broad portfolio of biological seed treatments that have been tested to enhance performance and grower return on investment when combined with traditional synthetic seed treatment chemistries. Chris Zita, Albaugh’s Director of Seed Treatments, North America, commented, “We are excited about launching BIOST™ to the seed treatment industry as the first complete biological seed treatment platform. At Albaugh, we are committed to delivering innovative seed treatment technology that demonstrates performance, user-friendly products priced to provide a good return on investment. The BIOST™ platform of biological products will be used to enhance our current portfolio of synthetic chemistries and will raise the bar in seed treatment performance for our customers.” “Albaugh is committed to the sound science that helped establish this exciting new biological seed treatment platform and to help the seed industry and growers capture the benefits of biological seed treatment products,” stated Chad W. Shelton, Albaugh’s Director of Global Proprietary Products. “The BIOST™ brand is a global brand that will provide the seed treatment industry and growers with a broad portfolio of biological products that have been selected and tested by Albaugh based on field performance and grower return on investment.” Jay Stroh, Albaugh’s Biological Seed Treatment Lead/Key Account Manager added, “Our goal three years ago was to identify a wide array of biological seed treatment active ingredients and bring them under one umbrella brand for our customers to access and supply to the market. The BIOST™ biological seed treatment platform is the result of this vision to help simplify the access to and selection of high-performing biological seed treatment products.” “The BIOST™ biological seed treatment platform will be launched in 2017 after several years of product evaluation,” stated David H. Long, Ph.D., Albaugh’s Seed Treatment Technical Manager. “After working with biological offers over the past 25 years, I believe that the Albaugh Seed Treatment Team has compiled a robust and comprehensive platform of biological seed treatment products. The BIOST™ brand represents the best of the Albaugh testing program, and the BIOST™ Nematicide 100 is a prime example of a biological seed treatment that delivers performance and value when compared to other seed treatment nematicides on the market today.” Albaugh will launch the BIOST™ Biological Seed Treatment Platform for the 2017 treating season.

Albaugh, LLC is the largest global privately-held producer of post-patent herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant-growth regulators. Albaugh has leading market positions in four of the most widely used post-patent agrochemicals worldwide – glyphosate, 2,4-D, atrazine and dicamba – with direct market presence in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe.

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