Commando™ M

Product Description
COMMANDO™ M herbicide maybe used for selective control of broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, oats and flax not under seeded with a legume, grasses grown for seed, rangeland, permanent grass pastures, and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres.

Active Ingredient
.42 lbs/gal. Clopyralid + 2.35 lbs/gal. MCPA

Package Unit
2×2.5 gal; 30 gal

Labeled Crops
Wheat, Barley, Fallow, Grass for Seed, Pasture, CRP.

Product Features
Controls annual and perennial weeds but is safe for desirable grasses. Controls weeds in shelter belts without harming desirable trees. Non-restricted use product and there are no grazing restrictions for most livestock, including cattle, horses or sheep.

Compare to Active Ingredient In
Curtail® M