Product Description
AzoxyTeb™ is a broad-spectrum, preventative fungicide with systemic and curative properties that may be used for the control of many important plant diseases. Azoxy Teb may be applied as a foliar spray in spray programs or in tank mixes with other crop protection products. All applications must be made according to the use directions that follow. AzoxyTeb™ is extremely phytotoxic to certain apple varieties. Avoid spray drift. Extreme care must be used to prevent injury to apple tree (and apple fruit).

Active Ingredient
2.08 lbs/gal. Azoxystrobin, Tebuconazole

Package Unit
2×2.5 gal.

Labeled Crops
Barley, Bulb Vegetables, Corn (Field, popcorn, seed and sweet), Grapes, Grass Seed, Peanuts, Pecans, Soybeans, Stone fruit & Wheat

Product Features
Azoxy Teb features a convenient combination of Group 3 & 11 broad spectrum fungicides providing both curative and preventative activity on a wide array of crops and diseases.

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