Azoxystrobin 100 ST

Product Description
Azoxystrobin 100 ST is a broad spectrum, preventative seed treatment fungicide with systemic properties recommended for the control of many important plant diseases. Azoxystrobin 100 ST may be applied in tank mixes, or sequentially with other registered crop protection products. If using Azoxystrobin 100 ST in a tank mixture with other seed treatment products, observe all directions for use, crop/sites, use rates, dilution ratios, precautions, and limitations which appear on the tank-mix partner label. No label dosage may be exceeded and the most restrictive label precautions and limitations must be followed. This product must not be mixed with any product which prohibits such mixing.

Active Ingredient
2.08 lbs/gal. Azoxystrobin

Package Unit
2 x 2.5

Labeled Crops

Product Features

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