2,4-D Amine 4


Important 2,4-D Information for 2017

Product Description
2,4-D Amine 4 is used for selective control of many broadleaf weeds in certain crops, including, cereal grains (wheat, barley, millet, oats and rye), corn (field corn, popcorn and sweet corn), fallow land and crop stubble, rice, sorghum (grain and forage sorghum), soybeans (preplant burndown application only); forests; rangeland and established grass pastures, including Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres; non-cropland; grasses grown for seed or sod, ornamental turf; and aquatic areas.

Active Ingredient
4 lbs/gal. 2,4-D Amine

Package Unit
4×1 gal; 2×2.5 gal; 30 gal; 265 totes; bulk

Labeled Crops
Preplant burndown and post applied for broadleaves.

Product Features
Small grains, pasture, soybeans, sugarcane, aquatic and others.